Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need to pre-order? 

A: No, pre-orders are not required, and you are welcome to shop with us anytime! However, some products such as our live crabs and lobsters may sell out online. We also carry a variety of items in store that are not currently available online. 

Q: When are pre-orders available? 

A: Pre-orders are available daily and may be made up to one week in advance – including for holidays. For example, orders for March 7th become available on March 1st. 

Q: When is the cutoff for placing a pre-order? 

A: Pre-orders are accepted until 12:00 pm the day prior. For example, the deadline to place a pre-order for Saturday is Friday at 12:00 pm. 

Q: What if I did not receive a confirmation email?  

A: If you have a customer account, you may login and click on your name to view your order history. If you do not have a customer account, you may contact Pier 38 Fish Market to confirm your order was received. Please provide the order number or the email address used to place the order to assist us in looking up the order in our system. 

Q: How do I pick up my order? 

A: Please provide your order number to a sales associate at Pier 38 Fish Market. If you do not have your order number, please provide the email address used to place the order to assist us in looking up the order in our system.  

Q: Can I add on to my order? 

A: Of course! You are welcome to shop our cases and add any items to your order. We carry a variety of items in store that are not currently available online. 

Q: I forgot to pickup my order.  Will I be charged?

A: We currently do not pre-charge for pre-orders.  However, our pre-orders are cut to order and although many of our unsold products/unpicked up orders are donated to local nonprofits, we strive as a sustainability-oriented company to avoid unnecessary waste whenever possible.  Accordingly, failure to pickup pre-orders may lead to being blacklisted from placing future pre-orders.


Q: What forms of payment are accepted? 

A: We accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, or SNAP EBT benefits for all transactions, including pre-orders confirmed as “COD” online.

Q: Are pre-orders prepaid online? 

A: No, pre-orders are not prepaid, and we are no longer placing holds on customer accounts for online orders. All orders are to be paid in person as the final checkout total is based on the actual end product weight.  

Q: Why does the transaction total differ from when I placed my order online? 

A: All listed product weights are estimates and because our products are cut fresh, depending on the characteristics of each fish, the actual end product weight may differ. The price per pound will not change, however the final checkout total is based on the actual end product weight and may differ from your estimated online checkout total. 

Example: At $18.95 per pound, you purchase two 3 LB Ahi Chunks online at an online checkout estimate of $113.70.  However, based upon the Ahi received that day, our fish cutter ends up cutting one 2.9 LB Ahi Chunk and one 3.2 LB Ahi Chunk. Your register total will end up being $54.95 ($18.95 x 2.9 LBs) + $60.64 ($18.95 x 3.2 LBs) = $115.59 (+ tax).  



Q: Which products are locally caught or locally produced? 

A: Many of our products are sourced from local Hawaii-based fishing vessels, however certain products such as our hamachi and salmon are imported. In store, the country of origin is included in parenthesis on the product labels – for example, Hamachi (Japan) or King Salmon (New Zealand). If you have specific questions about where a product is sourced, you may inquire with our knowledgeable sales associates in store.  

Q: What is the MSC blue fish label? 

A: The label is the logo for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and indicates our ahi and swordfish products have been certified to the MSC Standard. As Hawaii’s first and only MSC certified fish market, we are committed to the health and long-term sustainability of our local fisheries.  

Q: Do you carry 'x' product? 

A: If you're looking for something specific, you are welcome to call us at 808-784-4988 or ask us in store. There may be products that are not in high enough demand for us to stock, however we'd be happy to assist if we're able to. 

Q: When are special items available? 

A: Some specialty items are variable as it depends on availability, seasonality, and quality. The best way to be notified of specialty items and new offerings is to follow us on Instagram or Facebook @pier38fishmarket. In addition, you are welcome to call us at 808-784-4988. 

Q: Can you hold specialty items for me? 

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to hold products outside of our pre-orders. 


Q: Do you offer gift cards or gift certificates? 

A: Yes, please inquire with store associate.


Don’t see your question here? Contact us at 808-784-4988!